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RM-512 In-Earphone – White and Pink

৳  245.00
Wired Music Headset RM-512 is lightning headphone does not have an internal microphone, so, when you'd like to answer the phone call, you need to answer it via your mobile phone microphone.Treat your ears to high-resolution 24-bit audio, and never let your music be compromised by the muddy range of 3.5mm earbud jacks. The Lightning connector was designed especially to pair with your all smart phones. With Pure Lightning Earphones, you can even connect effortlessly to apps like iTunes Radio at the push of a button.

Huawei AM12 in-ear Deep Bass Pro Earphone – Silver

৳  540.00
Huawei AM12 Plus in-ear earphone comes with ergonomic design, high-quality silicon earbuds ensures a long-time comfortable wearing experience, durable and light, portable to anywhere. Damping system with the vibrating diaphragm, dual audio design, unique rich and natural sound. Excellent noise reduction effect THD High Stereo Sound delivers professional lossless stereo audio performance for hands-free phone calls and music experience. 115cm strong wear-resistant wire, 3 keys convenient and simple control. Wide range compatibility, support most 3.5mm mainstream smartphone