Our premium products stand for:
We provide a formal assurance that our products is 100% authentic. Especially that a product will be replaced if not of a specified quality.

Our premium services stand for::
Premium customer service exceeds basic courtesy, helpfulness. Customers typically get a more personalized service from a sales associate or customer service level.

We are labeled it as “high-end.” This is because there is usually a strong relationship between high-quality, premium service. Customers that pay prices for goods and services usually expect a better quality or product and service to justify the cost.

Shipping benefits Premium include:
Three-Day Shipping on eligible items all over bangladesh, in Dhaka city same day delivery. (Some items are not available for Three-Day Shipping due to special shipping characteristics and instead will receive free standard shipping, which delivers in 4-5 business days.)

Premium membership benefits include:

Flat 5% discount on all premium products

Terms & Conditions:
AmarPriyo Premium isn’t available for customers who purchase products for the purpose of resale or use to AmarPriyo Premium ship products to their customers or potential customers.
We may change these benefits occasionally as provided in the Prime Terms & Conditions.
Premium members with certain discounted monthly Prime offers can’t share their Premium benefits.
Premium benefits are not eligible for promotional items.